Basement Dreams pt. 2: The Crown of Glory

by Candlestick Army

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The Candlestick Army, after a long hiatus of surviving the winter, ended Easter with these live recordings. Orson Keillor was scheduled to interview the band but refused after recalling the "unprofessional" nature of the band claiming that, "Easter doesn't end when they say it does." when we all know it does.


released April 2, 2013

Black Gepeddo, Butch Freeman, Douglas Tarfeather, Hawthorne Tarfeather, Everett Tarfeather, A.B. Tarfeather, Audio Sanchez, Juan Montoya and his Cockroaches, Pedro Ramirez, Tequila Joe, Rodriguez, Lucy Lucifer, Alex's Dad, Harvey Dentures, Duskwolf Juggalo, Richard Alpert, David Wallace, Lawrence Gordon, Dick Matthews, Rus Gusso and the Gnat, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ric Flair, a Horse, Dr. Luigi, Shady Mcgrady and the River Rats, Belial, Mooza the Cat, Lil' Memphis and the Top Shelf Chocolates, Bossman, a Giant, Mindfudge, Golden Gram, Kokslav, Snoboss, The Cannibal, Charlie RIP, Sharks Breath, Fart Garfunkel, Grandpa Ryan, Lil Baby Gabe, The Keeper of the Plains, the Gatekeeper, and Patrick Blunts



Track Name: Crown of Glory
It's the Crown of Glory, it's a tale of time
Demons run when a good man goes to war

It's the Crown of Glory, it's a random happenstance
No enemy fathomable can make the proper stance
It's the Crown of Glory

it's the Crown of Glory, it's a random event
No matter what you've earned. It only matters what you've spent.

It's the Crown of Glory, it's the passing of time
This is what happens when you let your mind unwind
It's the Crown of Glory
Track Name: What's the Point of Living?
What's the point of living when we're stuck under the weather?
If you feel on calling, baby don't, cause my phone doesn't work like that.

What's the point of living if we can't text girls?
Staying up all night drinking and thinking about the world.

Don't you know my darling, we've been waiting all this time.
Waiting for the story to make it for an ending.

What's the point of living if were stuck under the weather?
Staying up all night drinking and thinking about whatever.

What's the point of living if we can't text girls?
Staying up all night drinking and thinking and playing with your cellphone.
Track Name: Burn It Like Like You Hate Me
I got you right I want you.
Right where I want you, it's right there, and you ain't even going so don't think about going cause you ain't going anywhere.

I'm like a hot potato comin' out of the pan.
I'm like a pail of holy water gettin' thrown on your hand.
I'm a demonic beast in the forest at night lookin' for a ripe tomato and I'm takin' a bite.
I'm like a skeleton rollin' out of the grave and I'm comin' out of nowhere and I rip off your face.
I'ma put it on myself like it's a masquerade.
When I walk into the party they go, 'PIMP PIMP PARADE!!'

My baby mine
Your baby mine
Mine baby mine

That's right
I'm a smokin' chimney a disease and a half.
I'm a stack of old photographs from your past.
I'm the devil in the flesh. I'm poppin' out your chest!
I'm swallowin' your soul unless you confess to the plethora of sin crawlin' under your skin as you waitin' for the human sacrifice to begin.
Yeah, I'll take a plate of bacon and burn it like you hate me.
I'm makin' people steaks and after that I'm makin' babies

Ain't nobody nowhere nohow gonna figure this out now
Come here I'm gonna eat ya
That's right
Track Name: Healthy Munchies
Wake up early, put on the coffee.
Were gonna have a healthy munchy day.
You brought soy milk, I got the rice Chex.
We're drinking freshly squeezed orange juice today.

You know that we're cooking organic bacon straight from the farmer; hot Denver omelets. Oh, did I mention? Oh, oh healthy muchies.
Pita wrapped broccoli no mayonaise.

Healthy munchies, probiotics
Curing my infections with your gluten-free confections.
Won't you point me in the direction?
Healthy munchies night and day

Healthy munchies, edamame
Healthy munchies, plain tamales
Healthy munchies, mmmm
Healthy munchies, won't ya put em in your tummy.
Track Name: Wear a Shirt About it
All tied up, got two more ready.
Got 'em all lined up in the back of my Chevy.
Gonna take 'em to the barn, show 'em every single corner.
Gotta check the rope again, maybe pull a little tauter.
Decorate the room with Christmas lights.
Get you all wrapped up. Get you looking real nice.
Tradition is a mission. Never missed an expedition.
Smells a-comin' from the kitchen, get my fix: a quick eviction.
And with one last chop I'll save you for later.
Put you into the frigerator, marinate your steak for flavor, throw you into the incinerator, now were cookin!
Hey there good lookin', move an inch you get a whoopin'
It's like, why'd you even come in when the sign said 'CLOSED'?
Why'd you keep investigating when you found the box of noses?
Haven't you seen movies before?
Can't you predict that you're 'bout to smacked with a shovel by a crazy hick?
So here you are watching your friend get ate.
And you look a little hungry let me serve you plate.
Okay, the jokes over. Let me give you a hug.
Smile for the camera. Y'all just got snubbed.
Track Name: Little Butler
I'm never going out again
I build my walls up six feet tall
To stay inside and hope to die

Come take me over
I'm falling under
Don't be scared little butler
Track Name: I'll Fly Away (Elevator Song)
And I will take the elevator into the sky
Oh my, we started flying now we're getting so high
And we'll keep going 'til we're nothing but a speck in your eye
Say goodbye my pretty baby, now we're leaving, goodbye
And I'll fly away
Track Name: Ain't Worth Dreamin'
There's no dream that ain't worth dreamin'
There's no scheme that ain't worth schemin'

When I'm out here down the long line
Youre just so damn caught all up in that skin
Oh yeah

There's no dream that ain't worth dreamin'
There's no scheme that ain't worth schemin'

When I found you down the long long line there
They had you eatin' out of their palms
And I know you got a long way to go (don't you know you got to go)
And I know you got to want to slit their throat
And you....

There ain't no dream that ain't worth dreamin'
There ain't dream that ain't worth dreamin' or whatever

When I try to get along with my friends they always fight
against me so I have to stand my ground and buckle down and get into a scrap and make my momma mad.
I'm so sorry momma. I didn't mean to get blood all over my nice overalls (no you don't no you don't because your dream your dream oh) that you just washed. It's so hard doing laundry in the 1800s. It's just not fair. Maybe...

Back in the day there ain't no dream worth dreamin'
Ain't no scheme worth schemin'
That old mountain, that donkey...and me?