Act I. Acedia Dreams of Hotel Broslin

by Candlestick Army

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released April 24, 2011

The Candlestick Army is:
specific to this recording...
The Broslin Bards
Mike Everett
Chris Belanger
Eric Bennett
Mark Somers
Keith Dast
Martin Dungey
L Jeffrey Young
Jeff Neher
Kathy Neher
SM Harrell
Mama Bear Gale
Andrew Neal
Butch Freeman

All songs written and performed by The Candlestick Army with significant contributions from John Lemon and every other member of the Cartouniverse.

Album artwork provided by "Dpz" David Pierce and Thomas Andrew Massengil.

Introduction and Train Conductor - Martin Dungey

Interview by Orson Keillor and Sat On The Wire



Track Name: The Masquerade Overture
back to the masquerade
but you didn't have a mask on
what were you to do?
you searched around the room
frantically searching
searching and longing
longing and losing along the way

there was a girl
in a spider mask
and you danced from across the room
weaving in and out of the faceless crowd
til she runs out
wearing your crown

and there was a boy who appeared
in the rusty dusty mirror
back and forth through the dance
(of the maddening shroud)
you peered in to the eye of the dream
(ahead of ourselves)
you were spun by your fear
(we've come too far too fast)
now you're following the silk threads
to your hiding place

so you go to the mantle
grab a candle to light the way
but distracted by the dream
there seems to be voices
across the water
voices singing softer than the stars
so shine on, oh moon of summer
shine on, shine on, shine on
oh moon of summer

shining off of the crown
at rest at the edge of the forest
left by the spider queene
so the game can begin

jeng jengy jengy jeng
now enchanted
now invited in
to play hide and seek
in the Forest of Acedia
where no one else can see
you've left the masquerade
you've left the masquerade

you're headed for the freaks
you're family of freaks
freaks are anyone who let themselves be seen
at the masquerade

pt. 2

joining the last full moon night of summer
the refugee hears voices from across the water
past the forest a fire is burning and people are singing
softer than the stars
he spots the crown
in the moon's damp glow
resting at the edge of the forest of Acedia
and from inside comes an enchanting tune

jeng jengy jeng jengy jeng jengy jeng
sounds the spider's sickly selfish song
so the game can begin
again in the dark of the forest
lit only by a candle and the glow from the fireflies
blinking and revealing the silk threads
leading to the place where the spider queene hides
where she weaves alone
Track Name: Jeng Jengy Jeng
Into the Forest of Acedia
where the artist dreams alone
where the killers and the anchors
and the gods are born
you're getting lost in the perfect void

you're following the silk threads
shining off the candlelight
guided by the glow from the fireflies
the further you seek
the further you hide
to the canopy of grafted trees
you can weave, you can weave alone

you've found nowhere
no need to share
just paint
your perfect nowhere
now you have created the web
you have caught yourself in
this perfect nowhere

so go to sleep
go to sleep

now the boy is ink
disappearing blind and senseless
he crawls into the arms of a birch tree to sleep
and as the outside world starts to move faster
he is held in the slow, slow hours
of this hibernation place
the forest whispers a lullaby hush
jeng jengy jeng
a deep spell of lethargy
spinning him slowly into slumber
ready or not, here she comes
Track Name: Forest Lullaby
so go to sleep...

a soul split in two
playing hide and seek in limbo
fighting over a bunker in the perfect hell
over refuge
the crown passes back and forth between creations

so go to sleep
spider queene
you and me
we can be free together

so go to sleep
but don't forget
no don't forget
to color in your dreams
Track Name: Duessa
Child of Arachne
you have stolen me
away from my dream
i'm in a deeper sleep
and nothing can disturb this slumber

so stay with me Duessa
it's not you, it's me
who wanted us lost
and now that we're lost
we will have a way
of keeping the truth
from finding out
our whereabouts
our hiding places look the same

our hiding places look the same
our hiding places look the same
our hiding places look the same
Track Name: Leaving
the train out of acedia is leaving
temporarily at least
you'll be back, but for now
you're sharing the paint from your dreams
with your family of freaks
ha ha, ho ho

you're gonna need an exceptional gatekeeper
cause once the gates open
anything can crawl in
here comes the spider now

i think we're ahead of ourselves
we've come too far too fast
we don't have our own gravity
i'm getting pretty dizzy

i'll stop
stick my thumb in the earth
to slow down the spinning

the threads snap
my eyes open
Track Name: Shame
Shame is the crown that I left in the place
where I thought that my dreaming had died
now i'm slipping away, taking refuge on the train
i met a new friend at the smoker's lounge

as the train is leaving
full lady moon sings
faraway songs from a faraway place
i hear music for moonlight madness
faraway songs from faraway friends
playing music for moonlight madness

dream navigator, could you take me to a place
where i can rest my weary head
and the souls of my feet
cause for the last seven miles
the spider has tried to keep pace
with my rubber band cage
and my night life exchange
it's the thrill of the chase

and as the train's approaching
full lady moon sings
faraway songs from a faraway place
i hear music for moonlight madness

the next stop is hotel broslin
Track Name: Out of Our Minds and Into the Universe
We're Out of Our Minds
And Into the Universe
Out of Our Minds
Into the Cartooniverse